Marketing and Promotion

When it comes to marketing and promotion, the successful business knows that you put in what you intend to get out Any business that believes they can succeed without investment in getting their name and products in front of their potential customers will not be around long.  We provide a full range of marketing and promotion approaches.
When we are promoting your business we focus on approaches that are low cost but high impact with a long shelf life.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

When approaching any marketing and promotion project, it is key to make sure you are gaining the largest benefits from the short-term successes When optimising and working on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) you will see the short term result compound over the long term and keep the customers coming to your site.


In a competitive industry or a product that might have a high number of similar products out there, the effort to stand out from the crowd should be accentuated with smart promotions within search results.  A strategic approach is key to getting the best ROI for your advertising money.  We can develop a finely focused advertising plan to make sure you pay the minimal amount to get the biggest gains.

Social Media Marketing

Your customers are also a perfect marketing tool when used correctly The best way to get your name top of any list when someone is looking for your product or service is through their social relationships We make sure to give you a striking array of promotional material to get you in front of your customers and keep you in mind at all times.  Through images and video, we will make sure that you always catch their eye. 

Social Digital Campaign

Much like Adwords, there are times where a post can be put forward to build traction with your customers.  This would be focused on getting your message in front of the right people and building up brand recognition for your future posts.

Marketing IsDigital Content Creation

We provide a range of skills in content creation including:

Post creation

Social media can be overwhelming, we can take that stress away by giving you tailored posts to encourage new and existing customers to engage with your brand and give you key information to build your business around.

Image Creation

We are all visual and no brand can survive without instant recognition visually.  We will provide you with stylish and engaging images to get your customers talking and spreading your message.

Long Text Writing

Customers need to trust your brand and message, but they also need to find you.  Strong articles on your site or used as part of a broader campaign will do this and make you a trusted name in your market.  These articles will also work within the full strategic plan of your campaign.


Audio is massive with podcasting and other media being consumed daily by your customers.  If you can combine this with your existing campaign you will be first to mind and trusted as a result.


Combining the visual and audio which is great for social media as well as standard media outlets.  We can provide you with the best video with your style and message and align it perfectly with the rest of the media within the campaign to make your brand viral.

Website Creation

Marketing doesn’t end when the customer lands on your page.  The greatest marketing campaigns can’t work beyond getting your customers to your website.  If your site isn’t perfectly aligned with the efforts you will lose those gains.  We offer websites from scratch as well as enhancing your existing site for SEO and customer engagement to turn your leads into contracts.

Application Creation

Depending on your business, one of the best approaches to getting repeat customers and exploding online is to offer applications that create the need for your service or product.  We can provide you with custom applications for your website or standalone applications to bring in customers and create the need for your solution.

Brand Design

At all points, your brand is what is key to the whole process.  If you need a new brand or an upgrade to your existing brand, our designers have you covered.  We can create the feeling in your customers to take you from just another company to be the only one they think of in your space.

With all of these we focus on one message, yours.
Marketing across different platform, outlets and locations are tied together to build your brand and message in the mind of your customers We create a long-term plan but make sure to keep analysing the results to move with the changes, make full use of the results and make sure that you get the best ROI for your marketing and promotion efforts.
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