Project Planning and Management Services

Black Lion believes that through Project Planning is the key to success in every project. Our Project Planning and Management Services are designed to ensure that your Web project, product, application or whatever else you require is accomplished on time, but more significantly, in a way that meets your business objectives and future goals. We apply project management best-practices and software systems to ensure projects success that will automatically improve and enhance your business growth now and for the future.

Black Lion has created a project planning methodology that helps our clients to accurately describe the strategic goals of their projects.

Strategy for Project Planning and Management Services

Our methodology starts by understanding the key strategic drivers of the site and then mapping out how we will support those goals. In most cases, the planned drivers of the site are not understood in detail. In those cases, Black Lion works with clients through our strategy development process to turn the vague into a clearly defined plan of action.

Requirements, Analysis and Design

Once the planned tactical goals and specific objectives of the project are clear, we work with our clients to document business requirements and design their website/application. Particular steps of this process include:

1. Documenting high-level scenarios that will guide to every change defined through the Strategy phase.

2. Planning for how every change will be calculated or measured.

3. We develop a list of the required screens, data sources, system software and application software to support the application to be developed.

4. A clear and measurable structure will be applied so full clarity is achieved for now and as the project continues. Through our systems, time and progress will be tracked for you and your team.

5. At regular stages of a frequency that best suits you we can then review the current status of the project and your company as a whole to best pivot as needed to ensure that the product you receive is the right one for the time it is complete, rather than what seemed right at the beginning. Life and business changes fast, don’t get caught in old decisions.

Our highly experienced, qualified and certified project managers will work with your team to successfully and effectively plan and track project processes and manage project information in the best way for your needs.

Our services include:

Project planning and scheduling: Every product and project requires the proper planning and scheduling for the success of the project. Appropriate planning and scheduling ultimately help for the better management and control of the project. We Specialise in preparation, review and analysis of the project plan and schedules during all phases of a project, including:

  • Conceptual planning
  • Verification
  • Optimization
  • Analysis
  • Customization
  • Implementation

Our Planning and Scheduling Service offers our valuable clients an efficient, focused and professional service at great value.

Project monitoring and control: We have designed superior project monitoring and control services to offer you proven tools and techniques to monitor and control projects to ensure project success. We will work to your requirements and have a suite of software with trusted providers to aid in project planning, management, monitoring and control service with the trusted expertise you need. From regular progress reviews, correct and accurate status reports and (QA) quality assurance, we can provide you our services to monitor and better control of the project anywhere you need it around the world. Our project monitoring and control services will help you in: delivery of material, production, precise project status, inspection, testing, shipping and helping you make informed decisions.
Protect your investment and assure quality with constant project monitoring. Ensure your project adheres to schedule and can be completed on time.

Change management: We are devoted to execute plan of change by developing complete and successful change management strategies. At Black Lion, our team of professionals focuses on enabling alteration through organisational and personnel solutions. Our services include a collection of innovative tools and resources, which we adapt to meet the needs of every client’s unique situation.

Project data integration and management: A dedicated integration solution works much better for increasingly difficult business integration requirements. Our project and integration services allow you to move and manage data across different applications and data stores. Data integration and management is an extensive subject, covering up different areas:

 Data architecture



 Data security management

 Database management

 Data quality management


 Master data management

 Document record

 Content management

 Contact data management

While a number of these areas are specific technologies disciplines, these deal with how data is stored, accessed, utilised, and analysed.

Customisation and implementation: We are having a highly experienced team of professionals who are expert in customising and implementing all kinds of applications for business infrastructure, including enterprise solutions, applications for desktop, mobile, embedded systems, etc. The design will be provided to your business and workflow whether your business requires a single custom application or a customised and integrated business infrastructure network.

We assist our clients to facilitate with best Project Planning and Management Services required for successful business in order to identify hidden risks early, ensure adoption and maximise associated benefits.

Black Lion is a well-known leader in helping business to drive performance and operational efficiency, bringing its clients the expertise and tools required to help create and maintain organisational success. Our Project Planning and Management Services primarily focus on the technical aspects of the projects.

Get in touch for more information and we can provide a customised quotation for specific integration, customisation and implementation, Project Planning and Management Services requirements. Get your free consultation and start to make things happen.