Specification Development Services

Specification Development Services for every product is an important part to keep things on track, it’s the map that will guide you to where you need to go. When developing specifications it is significant to differentiate between product requirements and product preferences and build in tolerances to allow for future pivots in development. It is essential to spend time developing the detailed specification to ensure reliability, consistency in pricing, product quality, operational functionality and leaving scope for future unknown adjustments. Products are fit for function in order to decrease the financial impact of the wrong specification further down the line. This is also a clear procedure for suppliers to ensure that they are quoting on a like-for-like basis.

A technical specification is a file or a document that describe a set of requirements that a product or assembly must meet or exceed. Specifications ensure that the client obtains the product or service required. Specifications outline to the contracting party accurately what is required. Specifications help to associate expenditures with a budget and time estimates.

Types of Specification Development Services:

These are specifications that classify the function, responsibility or role of the products or services. It suggests what the product or services are broadly required to do and in some cases, how.

1. Functional Specifications

The functional specification is an official detailed document used to explain all functional specification of the product such as a product’s intended abilities, appearance, and interactions with users.  Functional specifications describe the task or desired result by focusing on what is to be achieved rather than how it is to be done.  Our team of professional highly experienced developers describes the method of achieving the results in an effective way and with proper specification guidelines. We at Black Lion are committed to providing the best solutions to defined problems and requirements.

2. Performance Specifications

Performance specifications define the result that is necessary from particular items. These are specifications that define the purpose of the product or services in terms of how effectively it will perform, that is, in capability or performance terms. Performance is a logical extension of function. Performance specifications define the task or desired result by focusing on what is to be achieved. We will provide you with the best specification development service and high-quality Performance specification for your project, product or website and more scope to innovate and adopt cost-effective techniques of work, potentially offering superior value for money now and in the future.

3. Technical specifications

The technical specification describes the technological specifications of the products which include design, technical characteristics and interface requirements. These can include colour, dimensions, design details, design properties, processes, maintenance, security requirements and operational requirements. It is used when functional and performance characteristics are insufficient to define the requirement.  Technical specifications and implementation agreements that affect communication service and technology, increase operational efficiency and accelerate industry innovation.

Our process of developing the specification:

Step 1: Planning and analysis: The base of a high-quality specification is in the planning and analyses which are undertaken before writing begins. Planning and analysis will provide a better understanding of the requirement(s) and may reveal alternative solutions. Planning and analysis are particularly important when developing complex requirements.

Step 2: Consultation and information assembly: Consultation is very significant for developing specifications for the product and can be supposed as an evolutionary procedure involving the close and constant connection between the end-user, project managers, technical developers and the specification writer.

Step 3: Writing the specification: Each specification replicates a different requirement or needs so that there are no permanent rules on formats and structures for writing the specification. A specification lists the functional, performance and technical characteristics separately in simple, easy and clear language to minimise misunderstandings.

Step 4: Signing off the specification: It is important that any specification is walked through and agreed upon to avoid confusion. This will be the basis of the technical expectations for the project and allows both sides to be confident going forward that everyone is in agreement and there are no errors later. The agreement will confirm:

  • The requirement is valid for meeting the business need.
  • The requirement is effectively defined in the specification.
  • The specification is free from bias.

Black Lion Specification Development Services provide ongoing support to keep your products in compliance and minimise risk through:

1. Consumer product testing

  • Pre-production, production and random sampling
  • Performance and quality testing
  • Sensory panel evaluation

2. Ongoing automated testing

  • Through production, all code is validated automatically for errors
  • Once live all code is regularly validated for errors
  • Live user errors will be logged and dealt with quickly

3. Regular reviews of new technologies

  • Automated reviews of updates/upgrades that can be applied to your product
  • Regular QA review of your product and recommended changes to keep you ahead of the curve

An effective and successful specification management program is significant to protecting your business. By specifying product attributes up front, retailers can be assured that the final product is of high quality and shows predefined characteristics. Having a specification provides a foundation of production, ensuring the best ROI for your project.
So, get the best Specification Development Services for your project and book your free initial consultation.