Web Application Development Services

Today, the Internet is the biggest or even the only marketplace for every business. Web applications have become very popular because they can be run from any computer or device that has access to the Internet, making the Internet a major player in news, communications and the media. Our Web Application Development Services are what help to make it all possible.

A Web Application or Web App is an application which you provide to your customers via different search engines or web browsers and is hosted on a Web Server. This can be built into your website such as a price calculator or as a standalone application. Web Application Development Services includes the creation of digital applications that are more than just a display of technology but are also business tactics that are implemented on the web. If utilised correctly, it can be a massive source of valuable leads that you know are looking for what you’re offering and who will trust you above your competitors as they will already have a relationship through your application.

It uses markup languages to structure its form such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript etc. Web Applications are usually developed using two type of scripting one is client-side script (HTML, JavaScript, etc.) and the second is server-side script (PHP, ASP, etc). The client-side script deals with the look or presentation part of the application while the server-side script is used for back-end stuff like storing and recovering the information securely to/from the server.
Generally, web applications provide many benefits and an immense return for your business as well as relationships or atmosphere that is appealing and exciting for your customers. With new digital technological advances, web browsers can provide a rich environment for your customers with audio, video, animation and let them interact and provide feedback all within their browser.

Our Web App Development Services Features:

Highly Scalable & utilizable

Smartly Intelligent and Open Application Structure Leading to Best Creative Productive Solutions & Results

Reduce Maintenance Cost with Easy Application Maintainability

Fully Transparent Development practice provided with Seamless Communication & Understanding

QA (Quality Assurance) Process right through the complete phases of the Web App Development

Smooth Deployment with Support & Maintenance

We are a leading web development company, delivering high-quality web solutions all over the world for over 10 years. Our highly experienced, skilled professional developers deliver out of box results including not only eye-catching elements, but GUI, originality, ease of use & functionality as well. We develop attractive and insightful web solutions to develop your customer base among your target audiences. Our website development services are focused not only to retain people’s attention but also to put deliver an amazing long-term impression about your business.
At Black Lion, our highly skilled team of web developers has the decade’s long expertise proficient of making high-end web applications, web software, and web portal development delivering delicately strong, secure, reliable and easy to maintain web-enabled solutions that are custom tailored to your detailed business requirements.
We have accomplished thousands of web projects effectively and successfully for industries with different business domains, including e-commerce, Job Boards, e-Learning, Banking, and Content & Document Management software. We build the long-term impressions both visually and interactively that can go beyond and connect with people in a way that is transformational.

Our Approach for Web Application Development

1.Preparation of Roadmap Documentation: This is the very first step towards building a successful business where we discuss the project with our prospective client and define the main motive and objectives of the development. A superior understanding and accurate documentation of tasks form the roadmap for a smooth, optimised and timely completion of a project. Further, the report will be sent to our analysts who will come up with an estimated cost & time frame of the development that will give you highly accurate projections to build upon.

2.Technology Consultation & Selection: The prepared documentation is the outline for selection of the platform, development structure & framework. If you do not have any chosen technology we will suggest the best one or have any worry with present set up technology we will put together a mix of latest technologies. Our R&D Team are always looking for innovative modern established tools & frameworks for the development process so that our clientele will utilise & leverage most innovative features of the latest technology.

3.Visual Guide, User Interface & Wire-frame Design: Implementation of the web user interface plays an important role for any successful web application with interaction, responsiveness & accessibility while smooth functioning and a proven record of ease of use. So in this step, we make a detailed visual guide, wire-frame or simply sketching out the user interface and interaction of the application by our experts.

4.Web Application Development: In this step, we build functional elements. After forwarded the documents and all above designs to our development team, the following tasks get carried out to execute the process:

  • Creation of Application
  • Architecture & Framework
  • Architecture &ampvelopment & Customisation of Modules
  • Classes & Libraries
  • Completion of Development with fully functional
  • Development documentation for the application

5.Testing for Quality Assurance: In this phase, we focus on the testing of processes and procedures quality to ensure the implementation and accomplishment of processes, procedure and standards and planning requirements. Our precise quality assurance testing facilitates the production of the most secure, reliable, scalable and stable web application. Through the procedure, all the bugs or errors are addressed and fixes are done.

6.Deployment: As soon as the development phase is finished, Black Lion Development Team carry out the procedures to organise or deploy the application for the production environment or test environment and test it for ending pre-launch capability.

7.Maintenance, Support & Improvement: Black Lion provides the full maintenance and support for the high-performance improvement of the web application. Also, we do implements in the application for development and enhancement while maintaining zero interruption of running application.

Our main motive is to provide Client Oriented Services with flawless communication & Complete Transparency of actions. Our goal is to make long-term relationships which replicate in our services covering each and every aspects of the Application Development.
We make robust impressions that can go beyond and start to connect with people in a way that is transformational.

Let us know your needs in detail so we can help you come up with a solution and start out quickly. Schedule your free initial consultation here.